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Engineering Overview

Applus+K2 provides engineering services to worldwide owners and operators of offshore and onshore assets within the energy industry. This includes drilling rigs, FPSO’s, FSO’s, fixed production platforms, barge cranes, and refineries offering integrated engineering, construction and installation solutions to our clients from concept to fully functional end product.

Applus+K2 offers clients a one-stop-shop for major projects by combining project management, survey, design, engineering, fabrication and installation capabilities. This provides tangible benefits such as improved project controls and significant cost savings for our clients.

Engineering Services:


  • Structural Analysis
  • Equipment Integration and Interfaces
  • 3D Laser Scanning/Modeling
  • Engineering Design Solutions
    • Fabric Heat Shield Solutions
    • Radiant Heat Shield Cladding Panel Solutions
    • Passive Fire Protection & Fire Loading Consequence