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3D laser scanning project for a refinery in Singapore

23 Jan 2018 - Applus+ Energy & Industry Division mobilized a team formed of 3 surveyorsto carry out 3D laser scanning/ modelling for one of the major refineries in Singapore. The work scope involved 3D laser scanning, dimensional control survey, point cloud data processing and 3D primitive modelling to provide reliable and accurate as-built modelling(clash free) and tie in verification.

Phased Array Offshore Inspection

9 Jan 2018 - Applus+ K2 recently completed an offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico utilizing a blend of phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) and rope access techniques. The client had some emergency inspections that had to be done over the recent festive period so Applus+ K2 and Applus+ RTD combined their resources to provide a 3 man rope access team of PAUT technicians on short notice to help get its client back online and avoid downtime.

Logo painting on the wind turbine nacelle using rope access method

30 Nov 2017 - Applus+ K2 in Korea have recently mobilized a team of rope access technicians to paint client’s logo on wind turbine nacelle on Jeju Island.

Applus+ K2 is committed to conducting our service in compliance with legislative requirements, client HSE procedures and international HSE standards using rope access methods which significantly improve productivity and timely completion of project allowing additional cost savings to the client. With our skilled technicians and rope access method, the job was completed ahead of schedule to meet the client’s requirements and expectations to the highest safety and quality standards.

In-service inspections of spherical tanks in Singapore

02 Nov 2017-October time was a busy month for Applus+ K2 in Singapore. The highlight of the month’s projects was a multi scope inspection of spherical tanks in one of the JurongIsland terminals. Using the recently integrated services of the Applus+ energy & industry division, Applus+ K2 was able to provide both conventional and advanced NDT services backed up with API 510 inspections on in service equipment.

Another good review of Applus+K2 services

02 Aug 2017 - The work that offshore technicians perform can be difficult and requires sacrifices to be made in order to work so far from home. Therefore it is always good to hear positive feedback from our clients on the work our technicians do.

What’s happening in Applus+K2 Middle East?

1 Jun 2017- Since Applus+K2 expanded its services in the Middle East in partnership with its sister company,Applus+Velosi in 2015,they have been busy working with existing clients and exploring opportunities with new customers in the region.

Applus+K2 Middle East, based in Abu Dhabi, has mobilized teams both on shore and offshore including Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Azerbaijan for more than 15 clients.

ApplusK2 Korea showcases its inspection capability

19 May 2017-Applus+ K2 has just completed a Dropped Object shazard analysis and rectification work scope on a central processing facility (CPF) for one of the major operators.

A 13 man team was mobilized for a 3 month period.This was a total of 12,000 manhours.All work was completed safely and successfully with zero first aid cases or lost time incidents.

Another challenging job done safely and on time by Applus+K2

6 Apr 2017 - Applus+ K2 has completed the removal and overhaul of a crown cluster for a major drilling contractor for 4 of their drilling rigs.

A 6 man team was mobilized and the job was completed ahead of schedule.

The work scope was to overhaul the crown cluster components onboard the rig, with removal and installation of the equipment using "Tram Lines" specially installed by Applus+ K2 on the outside of the derrick. Once the equipment arrived on the pipe deck, it was disassembled and cleaned and had full dimensional checks to API RP 8B standards. NDE inspections were carried out on all critical areas as per OEM requirements.

Applus+ K2 provide one-stop-shop Engineering Services for major projects

16 Mar 2017 - Applus+K2 has provided one-stop-shop engineering services to one of the major drilling contractors for 7 of their rigs.

The work scope included the design engineering, fabrication and installation of derrickman safety posts. The derrickman safety post is a fall protection anchor point comprising of a rail type structure installed on the tubing and racking board. It has a trolley anchor connection running along the track enabling the derrickman to work safely along the full working area. The fall arrest system is in full compliance with standard ANSI/ASSE 2359.1-2007.

Applus+ K2 build a customized PRV container For a global operator

Mar 2017 - Applus+ K2 has recently completed building another customised PRV container and successfully delivered it to the client’s asset.

The client came to us with a specific requirement for a customized PRV container for their asset and we built the container direct for their needs and ensured that we covered all requirements for their ongoing operations in Brazil.

Applus+ Energy & Industry Division Open Day in California

14 Feb 2017 - Applus+ K2 USA has participated in the Open Day held in its sister company, Applus+RTD in California.

The purpose of the Open Day was to showcase the various product lines that Applus+ Energy & Industry Division can offer in different industries. Applus+ K2 showed presentations on our ability to provide many periodic inspection services and repair work via rope access. We were able to provide details of our capabilities to our counterparts in various markets and sectors and established immediate areas that Applus+ K2 can enhance the capabilities of Applus+ RTD’s current inspection teams.

Applus+K2 provides Dropped Objects Inspection Training Using its Mobile Training Facility

06 Feb 2017 - Applus+ K2 USA has recently completed a DROPS training program with one of the major operators. The two part program comprised of a class room and practical session.

The class room session focused on common types of dropped objects, the differences between dynamic and static DROPS as well as dropped object prevention best practice. The practical session took place in the bespoke 20ft Applus+ K2 Drops training container which was specially designed simulate the different types of potential dropped objects commonly found on rigs and platforms.

Applus+K2 continues its long standing contract with Samsung Heavy Industries

27 Jan 2017 - Applus+K2 Korea continues its busy schedule to provide various rope access services to major Korean shipyards.

They have been contracted with SHI since 2009, conducting various work scopes in construction and maintenance as well as inspection scopes.

For the year 2016 even in the tough market condition, they have completed more than 40,000 man hours in SHI shipyard.

Applus+ K2 provides electrical services to a hotel chain in Singapore

12 Jan 2017 - Applus+ K2 recently mobilized a rope access qualified electrical team to carry out various electrical scopes at one of Singapore’s leading hotel chains.

The work scope involved fault finding and changing out faulty lights on the hotel façade using rope access techniques.

The client complemented the Applus+K2 team on their high competence levels and timely completion of the scope.

Crown block removal project offshore Mexico

05 Jan 2017 - Applus+K2 USA have recently completed a successful crown block removal project offshore Mexico.

The client needed to complete its 5 yearly inspections and before the equipment could be overhauled it had to be detached and lowered to the deck so that it could be sent to the OEM workshop.

A 5 man rope access qualified team of rig builders was mobilised from our Houston base out to Tampico to perform the work.

Despite some inclement weather, the team were able to complete the scope safely and within the time frame originally proposed.

What makes Applus+K2 different?

Applus+ K2 USA has presented its quarterly program process review for its one of the major contracts. The program involves permanent inspection teams working on a 28 on/28 off rotation on drillships and semi subs in GOM. The work scope comprises a wide variety of periodical inspections ranging from lifting gear, dropped object surveys, thickness gauging, PRV testing along with various NDT requirements. During the presentation, Applus+K2 and the client reviewed the progress of the workscopes, cost effectiveness of the program and areas that have worked well or that can be improved on.

Applus+K2 provides Fire & Gas to Energy Industry

Applus+K2 were requested to provide inspection, testing and repair of all fire fighting equipment on board the Maersk Convincer. The workscope included portable extinguishers, breathing apparatus equipment & systems,fixed extinguishant systems (such as Co2) and wet chemical.

Applus+K2 completed the job in 10 days inclusive of hydrotesting and refilling of cylinders. There is a potential risk of triggering the fire and gas system through incorrect use causing possible hazards to personnel and equipment.

In order to avoid this, Applus+K2 followed strict procedures and practices along with excellent communication with the Rig crew to restrict access to areas whilst working.

Applus+K2 launches EMAG Wire Rope Inspection Service to Energy Industry

A large proportion of wire rope is discarded long before it would fail applicable international standards due to blanket company directives and policy. This can lead to unnecessary change out of wire rope and large increases in costs for owners.

Applus+K2 provides Inspection and Repair services with rope access methods to Refineries

Since September 2014, Applus+K2 has worked in the largest refinery in Singapore, carrying out both asset integrity inspections and repair work. The inspection scopes have utilized both Visual and Ultrasonic inspection to assess corrosion under insulation (CUI), corrosion under pipe support (CUPS), flare stack integrity as well as marine loading arm inspection. With our parent company, Applus+, we provided 3D laser scanning services. Repair work scopes include removal and reinstatement of pipeline insulation, cladding repairs/replacement and sprinkler maintenance and valve removal.

Applus+K2 expands its service to Wind Turbine Industry in Korea

Applus+K2 Korea have expanded its service offering to include Wind Turbine Repair, Maintenance and Inspection. Our Korea office recently mobilized a team of rope access technicians to perform maintenance work on turbines on Jeju Island. The mobilization was requested at short notice and our local presence in Geoje meant that they could get the team onsite to meet the client’s urgent deadline.

K2 and RTD provides INCOTEST Inspection to a Refinery in Ohio

K2 USA has mobilized a 3 person rope access inspection team to a refinery in Ohio to perform INCOTEST inspection in collaboration with its sister company, Applus+RTD. The job is currently ongoing and is expected to last for one month.

K2 is providing support to the onsite Applus+ RTD team for all the inspections conducted at height, including gridding out inspection areas and application of the system transducer.

INCOTEST was developed by Applus+RTD, with whose support; K2 can provide the service to production platforms, FPSOs, Refineries as well as the drilling industry worldwide.

INCOTEST is a fast, accurate and reliable way of screening ferrous pipes vessels through the thermal insulation. It does not disturb insulation or coatings and provides accurate result through aluminium, stainless, or galvanized steel cladding. Further, insulation may be hot, cold, wet, rough, encrusted or irregular.

K2 provides Crane 5 yearly inspection & Repair on 2 Drillships in USA and Spain

K2 was contracted to perform knuckle boom crane repairs and reinforcements during July and August 2016 in the Gulf of Mexico and Tenerife.

K2 had two teams of four technicians working on this project with a total of eight cranes repaired. The repair team included welders and NDT technicians qualified in rope access techniques.

The scope of work involved removal of cylinder bracket fillet welds with gouging followed by full penetration welding. New stiffener plates were then welded on as per OEM recommendations. All of this was backed up with pre and post NDT inspection by on hand K2 inspectors.

An additional inspection scope, conducted by a supplementary team, included both annual and five yearly inspections in line with client and Class requirements. Mechanical inspections, NDT, function tests and load tests were all included in this turnkey service.

The client commended the K2 team on their commitment to safety, their dedication to get the job done as well as their professionalism.

“It was good to be working on this project to demonstrate our repair, upgrade and inspection capability to an important client. K2 managed to complete this job safely and on time despite the last minute revision in the OEM’s procedure” said Jack Lee, Repair and Upgrade Service line manager

Drops inspection and rectification on board Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Black Rhino

K2 was contracted to carry out a full Dropped object survey on board the Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Black Rhino in Gulf of Mexico in May-Aug 2016. This survey was followed up with a full rectification of the faults found.

Initially, K2 sent a team of 4 to start the work but this was quickly increased to 9 men at the request of the client to increase the speed of the rectification work.

In order to give the rig a clean bill of health, clear communication between K2, Diamond and the operator was absolutely critical so that all grey areas in terms of acceptance criteria could be discussed and agreed upon in advance of any rectification. This daily communication ensured that when the K2 work was audited by the operator, only a small number of non-conformances were found, all of which were rectified within a day.

The end result was a drillship with no Drops non-conformances, exactly as the client requested.

“To fully inspect and rectify all Drops non-conformances on a new drillship is no easy task. Having our work pass the operator audit is proof that our team performed their duties exactly as the client requested and in line with the recognized industry standards.” said Ben Rogers, K2USA Country manager

K2 Carries out Pipeline Inspection Phase in Singapore’s Largest Refinery

As part of the ongoing refinery asset integrity management program, K2 was contracted last July to carry out 100% visual inspection of pipelines at pipe supports interface for external corrosion & UTG measurement of pipelines at every alternate pipe supports for one of the largest refineries in Singapore.

K2 had a team of seven men working on this project for a period of 58 days. The inspection involved K2 development of a client specific report format serving as a baseline for the client's asset integrity management system. Reports contains information such as the original thickness of the material, schedule of the pipes, material specifications, construction code, operational details and visual inspection observations which will help the client’s inspection engineers to perform calculations including short and long term corrosion rates, remaining life etc.

"The team working on this project received the best feedback out of all projects conducted with the client, with zero complaints or unsafe practices. This team is a credit to K2" said Ronan Murphy, K2 Project Manager

The client commended K2 team on their professionalism and hard work including their technical knowledge and high standard of reporting.

Successful Completion of Inspection Project in Port Khalid, Sharjah, UAE

An International Drilling Contractor contracted K2 to carry out Lifting Gear Inspection, Derrick Inspection, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging, Dropped Object Survey, Bolt Torqueing & Pressure Relief Valve inspection.This was awarded on last 17th September with induction training starting on Saturday 19th September.

With a lot of support and effort from both companies, this was rapidly organized with manpower and equipment mobilized from Singapore to be onsite within 48 hours.

The short notice, the time difference between both countries, the working week structure and visa issues, were all overcome successfully by the operations and administration teams of K2 Singapore and Applus+ Velosi Abu Dhabi.

"A fantastic start to the venture which only confirms the reputation of K2 as experts in their field, a lot of challenges have been overcome by both companies in the undertaking of this (still ongoing) project" , says William Greenwood, K2 Regional Manager, Middle East Rig Services

K2 America Mexico Campaign

K2 America was contracted by two drilling contractors to carry out inspections and surveys on their fleets located in Mexico. The contract started June 2015 and will continue through 2016. The inspection work will cover Lifting Gear Inspection (LGI), Drops Survey, PRV Inspection and Electrical Surveys.

K2 has a team of five Rope Access technicians with multi-disciplined NDT, PRV technicians and Electricians mobilized in Mexico.

" I am pleased with the quality and performance of your company and personnel who attended the last inspection work. I have worked with several other inspection companies who provide the same service and by far your company has impressed more than any other company I have been involved with. Your personnel on board conducted themselves in a very professional manner and making safety their top priority not only for themselves but for others onboard the rig. Unlike others, your reporting is excellent, received in a timely manner, well organized and easy to follow. I look forward in working with you and your company again in the near feature" commended Danny Sumrall, Oro Negro Rig Manager Laurus

K2 Expands Service Suite with Introduction of Fire and Gas Services

Providing integrated support services has become a trademark with K2, and this latest service line is no different.Full engineering support works hand in hand with CompEX and IRATA qualified teams to deliver installation, commissioning, function testing, inspection, fault finding and maintenance as required.

K2 Carries out 5 yearly Drilling Equipment Inspection on Songa Venus


K2 completed an integrated drilling equipment inspection and refurbishment of the Songa Venus last March, a workscope that covered the crown and travelling block inspection, disassembly and assembly. Draw works and mud pumps inspection and remedial scope, cluster removal and re-installation.

K2 Develops App to Improve Efficiency and Consistency of Inspection Reports

As part of our commitment to ongoing quality improvement, K2 has developed eSafeBase+, an app that increase data accuracy and speeds up the reports process by at least 20-30%. The app provides real time connectivity between on-site inspectors and the reports department during the survey and gives clients the ability to track reports as they are made.

Derrick Repairs and Gin Pole Change Out on Atwood Hunter Offshore Cameroon

K2 has completed a four month derrick reconditioning project at anchorage offshore Douala, Cameroon. The project for client Atwood Oceanics involved derrick girt and braces replacement.

Glowing Appraisal on Transocean Deepwater Millennium Derrick Works

The client representative on board during the sea trials of Transocean's Deepwater Millennium Drillship took the time to complement the K2 team via email this April. 

K2 Delivers P2040 Derrick To PPL Shipyard

K2 delivered the P2040 Derrick to PPL Shipyard early this March for the Pacific Class 400 jackup Impetus currently under construction for Oro Negro. Work was carried out over a period of around eight weeks.

K2 Called in to Complete Sentosa Cable Car Tower Construction Programme

Client McConnel Dowell contacted K2 Specialist Services to mobilize equipment and a team of qualified and experienced rope access qualified steel erectors to erect two cable car towers on the island this February.

Integrated Drops approach By K2 Specialist Services on SKD Tecknik Berkat

K2 teams carried out integrated DROPs training and Lifting Gear Inspection (LGI) on SapuraKencana Drilling’s SKD Teknik Berkat tender offshore Kuantan, Malaysia this March. The two week job was part of a six monthly programme of inspection and training with a view to reducing potential incidents on board rigs. The workscope includes K2 generated reports designed for client follow-up between visits.

K2 begins contract on a Suite of Inspection Services for four Newbuild Seadrill Drillships

K2 Specialist Services began work on a suite of baseline inspection services on four Seadrill drillships, the West Saturn, West Neptune, West Jupiter and West Carina, at the end of March. The workscope on the ships, which are currently under construction at the Samsung Heavy Industries yard located in South Korea, the projects will include DROP ‘S & Lifting Gear surveys.

Geological Survey Rig Design, Engineering and Drafting by K2 Engineering for Armada Rig Builders

K2s engineering department successfully concluded the design, engineering and drafting of a 40metric ton capacity drilling mast for Armada Rig Builders this March.

K2 Supplies Beacon and Paints Derrick on the Atwood Beacon, Offshore Israel

K2 supplied the manpower to paint the top half of the derrick on the Atwood Oceanics jackup Atwood Beacon in October and November this year. The client reported their satisfaction with a timely completion within their requirements before the rig left for Italy. The work was carried out over three weeks between 24th October and 19thNovember 2013.

K2 delivers new SONGA CAT D 1 DERRICK to DSME in Korea

K2 Korea completed another high profile rig build on 16th December 2013 with the delivery of the SONGA Equinox (CAT D-1) derrick to DSME.