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K2 Supplies Beacon and Paints Derrick on the Atwood Beacon, Offshore Israel

K2 supplied the manpower to paint the top half of the derrick on the Atwood Oceanics jackup Atwood Beacon in October and November this year. The client reported their satisfaction with a timely completion within their requirements before the rig left for Italy. 

K2 delivers new SONGA CAT D 1 DERRICK to DSME in Korea

K2 Korea completed another high profile rig build on 16th December 2013 with the delivery of the SONGA Equinox (CAT D-1) derrick to DSME.

Best year yet for K2 Training Department with over 5,500 People Trained for 2013

The global reputation of K2’s training department paid dividends in 2013 with 5,631 trainees last year, of which over 5000 were external personnel. The department showed 55% increase in revenue over the year.

K2 launches new 3r Environmental Campaign

K2 further improved our environmental responsibility in December 2013 with the introduction of a new 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) campaign. The company installed a triage system for all recyclable materials, which K2 then transports to the nearest local community recycling depot. 

2013: Bumper Year for K2 Specialist Services

K2 saw an increase of revenue of over 40% in the accounting period 2012 to 2013 compared to the previous year and a corresponding significant increase in net profits.

Excellent Year and Change of Hands Marked at K2s 2013 Annual Dinner

Following an outstanding year of earnings, the K2 Annual Dinner on 13th December 2013 at St James PowerStation was about a big thank you to all our staff for the last twelve months.