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Reasons to join

A fast-growing and dynamic group in a growing industry

Founded in 1998, with 300 employees, K2 continues to expand its global operation and a leader in quality and safety service provider in the Oil and Gas industry. We prioritize the personal development of our team members.

International Experience

K2 has a permanent presence in four continents. Our project teams are experienced in collaborating to cross departmentally and internationally, carrying out works in many geographical locations.  With our  cultural diversity means you will always have something to learn from those around. We are keen for all our employees to develop and build on their skills.

Training Opportunities

We believe that the development of people is central to the success of K2 and how we differentiate our self in our marketplace.  We promote the concept of competence framework and engaging employees in their continuous professional development.

Work  Life-balance

K2 belies in well-balanced employees are more engaged and productive, we implement programmes to boost the well-being of the staff.  This includes health and exercise programmes, company outings as well as participation in community outreach programmes to bring a more enriching work-life. 


K2 believes Health, Safety & Environment & Quality (HSEQ) promotion is an essential element to business success & is beneficial to the welfare of our employees.